First Post: Hello World!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

It's funny that most people who starts a blog decide to delete the post "Hello World!"... I think it's the perfect title for a first post on a blog that has just come live, like this one you are visiting now! Welcome to my blog!

My name's Eva, and I spend my time making illustrations accompanied by my cat, Yuki, and always drinking some freshly brewed tea (no tea and I won't get focused)! After some years working for a kids clothing company in Spain (illustrating prints and designing patterns), I decided to leave my day job, moved to the UK, and started a new life as a freelance illustrator. ¡Everybody thought I was completely crazy! But I have a nonconformist spirit and I think that we should believe in what we do, and do what really passionates us! It isn't easy but it's possible if we really try!

This blog is an open window to my illustrated world, through I will show you my new artworks, experience and evolution as a freelance creative (and as an expat... I already miss my sunny days!), also I'll give you some tips for those who like drawing and creating, beautiful things of my daily life, upcoming events and more.

So I'm pleased to invite you to stay, drink some tea, enjoy the views and learn along with me! Don't be shy and feel free to comment and share whatever you want, all your feedback is really welcome! (and I'd love to know more about you too) Thanks a lot!

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