Double Chocolate, Double Panda!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

One more week just passed, time flies! Right now I am working on some projects that will go to my portfolio (if good enough), and can't find enough time for all the things I have to do! However I didn't want to skip the bake of the week, because it's a good excuse to take a rest from the larger current projects, which (I hope) will be posted very soon.

This week I had a huge chocolate craving.... so I baked this DOUBLE chocolate cake! And yes, it has grated zuccini inside! My boyfriend was like almost crying of joy when tried it... The recipe is, among a lot more of delicious recipes, in my Pinterest board, as I told you past week.

 And, about the panda bears... I just have no idea where they came from, but I didn't let them touch my precious cake! I gave them some milk chocolate and they seemed to stay happy that way.

¿Any suggestions for my next bake?
Your comments are really apreciated! ^-^

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