Weekly bake - Carrot Cake

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

I love sweets and desserts! Can't help it.

I'm always so tempted to buy those mouth watering brownie bites and butter shortbread and cinnamon rolls and raspberry filled cupcakes from the supermarket... But when I read their neverending list of weird ingredients, I feel scared and run home to bake myself some healthy and rich cake instead.

Every saturday I make a different dessert, and I want to share it with you! Last week I baked a whole grain carrot cake topped with toasted pine nuts. Too late to show a picture of it. But at least I tried to keep its spicy richness in a drawing... Mmmmmmhh....

What to bake next? Any suggestions?

PD: I have a Pinterest board in which I collect a lot of interesting sweet recipes (and there's another for savoury recipes as well), including those I recently made. Feel free to take a look to it!

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